There are schools in the U.S. that have history textbook so old, that they have to paste in Obama’s picture, and write their own short description about him as the first Black president of the United States.

In California, there are thousands of teachers waiting tables and even some donating blood plasma every week just so that they can pay the bills.

What’s more, pay is so low for teachers in some school districts, oversea recruitment is gradually starting to take place increasingly. Even though this creates a greater diversity for students to be immersed in, and advantages them in becoming a global citizen, it reflects poorly on what the United States is doing in regards to taking care of our teachers.

What is alarming-- and heart warming-- though, is the huge amount of teachers who are willing to push past their personal hardships and pour their souls into the classroom. Into their students’ future.

There are teachers who cannot afford to drive a car and bike an hour to school, but do not hesitate even for a second when a student tells her that she does not have gym strip to attend PE class, to go to target and buy her student two pairs of sweatpants.

People who have less, are the same individuals who give more than expected to society. Why then do they go without appreciation and support that they so desperately need?

It is only until one stops doing it, that people start to understand the things that one does for them. It is why teachers go on strike. They hurt because their students feel betrayed, but they also yearn to stop coping and begin living,

BookAnyone is here for teachers. Teachers who are struggling with their ability to maintain their compassion and re-live that passion from the first day, everyday. We hope that teachers no longer feel abandoned by society to their own devices. It is not impossible it seems, anymore, to do precisely what you love, and only what you love, and make a living out of it.