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1. When you go to the supermarket, can you _______ paper towels for me?
2. Houses in rural areas generally cost 10 percent less _______ the state.
3. To remain competitive _______ did we lower prices, but we also extended the store’s hours.
4. Karen _______ from Austin to San Antonio even though it was only seventy-five miles.
5. The deadline _______ term papers is Friday, next week.
6. When we next meet, I’d like to ask you _______ you think about the ending of the novel.
7. I sent the wrong file with my last email; please use _______ this message instead.
8. The board of directors decided that this year’s profits _______ back into the company.
9. Every small business needs to have a system in place _______ expenses.
10. To cut costs, many businesses are now charging customers a fee _______ paper copies of their bills.
11. After he started cycling, Mike soon became as fit as he _______ in his life.
12. If our company offered higher salaries, we _______ more applicants.
13. _______ I take two extra classes this semester, I will not be able to graduate this year.
14. The sales meeting _______ by the time your next client arrives.
15. Brazilian soccer fans _______ more than $1 billion annually on soccer-related merchandise.
16. The quality of the singing _______ people of all ages enjoyed the concert.
17. I did not trust his plans for developing the new product, nor _______ at first.
18. This student’s research is important _______ proves our previous findings were not correct.
19. Melissa is _______ tall as her sister Beth.
20. When you buy a car, there are many things to consider _______ just the price.
21. Even if I had agreed to help you with your essay, I _______ finished it by tomorrow.
22. Building a new factory was expensive but it is _______ worthwhile.
23. Unfortunately, he has made _______ progress on his project over the past year.
24. I’m worried _______ the fact that she’s traveling to a foreign country all by herself.
25. Carla is someone _______ to get up early in the morning.
Questions 1 – 2 refer to the following image (A):

1. What does the coupon say about the exhibit?
2. What does the word valid mean as used in the coupon?
Questions 3 – 6 refer to the following image (B):

3. What is the purpose of the article?
4. Why did the author begin the article with a question?
5. According to the article, how does gecko tape differ from natural gecko adhesive?
6. In the first sentence of paragraph 2, what does scaled mean?
Questions 7 – 11 refer to the following image (C):

7. In the third sentence of paragraph 1, what does tipped mean?
8. What do scientists now believe produces adhesion force?
9. What kind of evidence in gecko research would be needed to support a secretion theory?
10. What were the limitations with the friction and suction theories?
11. According to the article, why is research about geckos useful?
Question 12 refers to images A, B, and C.

12. The articles mention people who might use “gecko gloves.” How are these people similar?