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How do I set up my availability?

Since BookAnyone offers exact time scheduling for Clients, keeping your availability updated will allow clients to book your services quickly and not skip to the next Service Provider who has their availability filled out. BookAnyone does automatic complete calendar management once you set your availability. It automatically blocks off the times from your availability calendar for the time/days that you have a booking as booked slots.

It is much easier to fill out your availability using our iOS and Android BookAnyone apps.


You can set more availability and set your services to AutoAccept OFF. This way you can approve each booking in case your availability suddenly changes.

Choosing Dates

To fill out your availability, you need to go to the “Availability and Jobs Calendar” section of “My Panel”.

Next, choose a day in the future where you want to fill out your availability, and click on it. You’ll be shown the times for that day, and can create time slots within it.

choosing a day

Creating a Time Slot

To create a time slot on a day, simply click and drag downwards within the calendar, covering the times you want. This will open a prompt where you can edit the details about the new time slot you created.

click and drag to create a time slot

Editing Details of the Time Slot

You’ll be able to change the time range, choose whether it’s an available slot or blocked slot, and make it weekly recurring if you wish.

editing your time slot

Available Slots vs Blocked Slots

Available slots are the times you will be able to be booked on BookAnyone. Do keep in mind that your available slots need to be longer than your estimated service times, or else you won’t be able to be booked for your service in that time slot.

Blocked slots are used to block out times within already-existing available slots. If you have something to do on a certain day, you can use blocked slots to prevent anyone from booking you through BookAnyone at that time.

To learn more about the difference between Available and Blocked slots, check out our article on them

Recurring Time Slots

Your slots can either be “recurring”, or “one-shot”. Recurring slots repeat weekly from the date on the first calendar, until the date on the second calendar.


Recurring time slots show up in blue, and one-shot time slots show up as green.
This is so you can more easily identify your usual schedule among times you happen to be available.

choosing dates for a recurring time slot

Deleting Existing Time Slots

To delete a time slot, open the day of that time slot, and click on it. You’ll be asked whether you want to delete it. If it’s a recurring event, you’ll be able to choose whether you want to delete that specific time slot, or the entire series. That’s all there is to it.

Changing the view

You can view your calendar in three different views: Day, Week, and Month. The top right corner of the calendar lets you easily toggle between them.

changing views

Updated on April 12, 2020

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