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How do I create a good Tutoring Profile on BookAnyone?

Spending an hour fixing and enhancing your profile can make you thousands of dollars and help students and parents choose you as their remote tutor.

1. First up is your profile.

Read over this profile description first to get a good idea on what makes a good profile.

A Professional Picture

Use a clear and high quality photo, in which you appear friendly and professional. Doing so will personalize your profile, rank you higher in search results, and get you bookings.

A Detailed Description

Your tutoring profile is effectively your sales pitch. A short description of your academic qualifications and greater emphasis on how your teaching style can help students. If your profile is repetitive and long-winded, students will think your teaching style will be the same. A concise and succinct profile will attract more students. Edit out repetitions and condense any long-winded phrases so you are left with an attractive persuasive profile that will appeal to both parents and students.

Below are keys points when writing your profile

  • Brief introduction about yourself (NAME, CURRENT ROLE,TIME SPENT TUTORING)
  • Discuss your educational background and credentials (DEGREES,CERTIFICATIONS,PROGRAMS,ETC.) Be sure to list those which are applicable to the subjects you teach, rather than listing all of your qualifications.
  • Summary of your teaching background and experience
  • Specify your major areas of teaching expertise (SUBJECTS,EXAMS,ETC.) Mention the subjects and levels that you’re confident in tutoring. Be sure to add ALL of the levels you can teach, and not just the highest.
  • Your experience and time as a personal tutor or on BookAnyone
  • The type of students (AGE, SUBJECT, ETC.) you have worked with
  • Strengths as a tutor, teaching philosophy, and tutoring approach with students
  • What makes you a great tutor and your flexibility
  • Discuss any other strengths and additional help you may provide to students
  • Do NOT include personal tidbits about yourself such as what you like to do for fun/free time

2. Next is filling out your Services.

Each service you have should follow these recommendations:

A Good Title

Good Titles should contain the subject you are tutoring, and the tutoring session’s duration.

A Relevant Picture

Good Pictures should portray the subject you are tutoring, and communicate a point. Students and parents are more likely to book you if your Services have pictures. You can optionally put the Subject and duration of the service in the thumbnail to make it even more clear. The most important thing, though, is to not just leave a blank thumbnail!

Split your Subjects up, and the durations up

Differentiate your services. For example: English Tutoring is different from ESL tutoring, and Exam Prep SAT/ACT English tutoring is different from general English.

A Specific Description

This is your chance to talk specifically about your experience with a particular subject. At least a couple paragraphs are necessary here for each service. Sell them on your experience in teaching that subject.

3. The final step is choosing your availability.

The more availability you have, the more likely you are to be booked. Potential students are sometimes only available at certain times, and can search based on that. It’s a good idea to use recurring time slots here, so check out our page on availability to learn more about filling it in.

Updated on April 2, 2020

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