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How do I create and send invoices to clients?

If you have full or partial prepayment amount set for your service, invoices for those amounts are automatically created and paid by client the moment you accept the booking, or if the booking is auto accepted.  You can also create detailed itemized invoices in BookAnyone for each booking under Send Bill.


You can send invoices at any time: Before, during, or after the service is performed. Marking a service as “complete” just means you’ve actually performed the service.

Creating an Invoice

In order to send an invoice, simply navigate to the “Jobs” menu of “My Panel”. You can tap the “Send Bill” button next to the booking you want to create an invoice for.


If you charge prepayment on your service, an invoice will be automatically created for it that you can refund at any time you so choose.

You can also create an invoice at the bottom of the “Booking Details” section by clicking the green button in the top right: “Create New Invoice”.


You’ll now fill a description of the invoice, and a date. Invoices are itemized, so you can optionally add multiple items to charge for – each with different costs.

entering invoice details

Clicking “send invoice” will send a notification that an invoice is pending to your client.

How Clients can pay for invoices

There’s two main methods for getting your client to pay their invoices.

First, you can have them log onto BookAnyone and pay off the invoices themselves. Alternatively, you can pay the invoice off using their credit card.

To pay off an invoice for your client, click on the “pay” button in the invoices section (it looks like a small credit card).

paying an invoice for a client

A pop-up will ask you for their credit card details. After entering that info, the invoice will be marked as “paid”.


A client will only be able to leave a review if they have paid off an invoice or done a prepayment.

Viewing your Transaction History

After an invoice is paid, you can see the details of the invoice in the “Transaction History” section, including how much it was for, and if it’s been withdrawn to your bank account yet.

Updated on April 21, 2020

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