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How do I refund an invoice?

Invoices, including prepayment, can be partially or fully refunded at any time.

When you refund an invoice, our system automatically calculates your take home portion and ONLY withdraws the appropriate take home amount from your available balance, hence you do not need to worry about any calculations, you can just go ahead and refund the full amount or whatever amount you agreed upon to refund. If there was a rescheduled booking associated with an original booking, go ahead and cancel/refund the original booking since the $$ amount is only associated with the original booking.

If the Service Provider cancels a booking, all invoices associated with that booking will be automatically refunded.

To refund an invoice, simply go to the “Jobs” section of ‘My Panel’, and click on the “details” button next to the booking.

Then, scroll down to the list of invoices, and tap on the “View Details” on the invoice you wish to refund.

From there tap on the “Refund” button in the bottom right.

Updated on August 15, 2020

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