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How do I create and fill out my services, and what features are available?

Listing Title

This field lets you choose the title of the listing. Keep it brief but descriptive, and use just a few words.

Service Visibility

Visible – This service will appear publicly on BookAnyone when someone is searching by the category this service is listed under.

Hidden – You will NOT show up in search results for the category this service is listed under, but you can still be booked for this service if someone navigates to your unique profile page (e.g. bookanyone.com/yourpage).

Disabled – This service will not show up on your profile page, and you cannot be booked for it. This is useful for if you want to temporarily disable a service you offer, but will want the ability to re-enable it later.


This allows you to select the category to list this service in.

Short Description

A brief one to two sentence description of your service in order to give people a basic idea of the service you’re offering. Maximum 100 characters.

Long Description

A longer, more detailed description of the service your are offering. Do not afraid to be detailed, and do not copy the short description’s text, as that will be displayed at the top of this section.


Whether or not you offer partial or full refunds for this service.

Refund Policy

If refund policy is set to yes, you can list the specifics under what conditions you offer refunds.


The price you charge for the service – per hour, per day, or per job. You can check the box “Estimate Price” if your service’s cost is variable.

Expected Time

This is the length of time the service will take. If set to 1 hour, your calendar will be blocked off for one hour when a user books the service. Use “gap time” if your service length varies to prevent being late to your next booking.


If set to yes, you can charge clients the cost of the service in-full, or in-part at the time of booking. An invoice will automatically be generated, labeled “prepayment”, and paid off. You can refund this invoice at any time if you need to.

Lead Time

Lead Time is the advanced notice in order to be booked. This means if it’s set to 1 day, people will only be able to book you for the next day and onward, not the same day. You can find a more detailed explanation here.

Gap Time

The amount of gap time in-between each booking. If you service client’s at their choice of location, you should set your gaptime based upon how long it takes for you to travel to your next client’s lcoation. If your expected booking times are unpredictable, you can use gap-time to prevent you from being late for the next client when a booking runs long.


This field allows you to set whether you are licensed in this service. If you have some sort of accreditation or credentials, you can set this to yes. It is recommended you upload a picture of your license to build credibility with potential clients. Note – this field doesn’t apply to every service category. If it doesn’t apply, just select “N/A”

Service Provided at Client Site

You can choose weather a service is performed at your place of business (a specific address every time), or at the client’s choice of location. If you choose “Yes”, it will ask each client for the address where they want the service to take place.

Auto Accept

This let’s you choose weather to automatically accept new bookings. If set to yes, new bookings will immediately be set to “confirmed”, and you are expected to perform that job. If you wish to manually approve bookings, set this to “no”.

Auto Reject

If Auto Accept is set to “No”, you can set this field to choose the amount of time until a booking is rejected if you don’t approve the booking. If set to 24 hours, for example, a new booking will be marked “pending” for 24 hours. If you still haven’t approved it within 24 hours, it will “reject” the booking.

Display Order

This is the order in which your services are displayed. If you want a service to appear first, set this field to ‘1’ for that service. Other services can be set to ‘2’ or ‘3’ incrementally in the order you wish them to be displayed on your profile.

Updated on November 2, 2019

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