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How can I manage the money I earn through BookAnyone?

Earning money using  BookAnyone

The first step to getting paid is performing bookings and sending invoices (or being prepaid) on BookAnyone.

Managing Money

You can manage your earnings in the “Manage Money” section of “My Panel”.

When you get paid via credit card, your “Pending Balance” goes up by the amount you’ve earned, minus BookAnyone’s fees (where applicable). This value is held for processing for 14 days in your “pending balance”. After that time, the money will be transferred to your “Available Balance”.

Depositing earnings into your bank account

If you haven’t already done so during registration, you’ll need to add your Bank Account to BookAnyone using your Debit Card, or Bank Account numbers. This is necessary in order to deposit your earnings into your bank account (don’t worry, we’re very serious about security!). You can add your bank account on the “Manage Money” page of “My Panel”. You must have a Social Security number and a valid bank number.

After your bank account is added, you can deposit your “Available Balance” into your bank account at any time. To do so, go to the “Manage Money” section of “My Panel” and click “Deposit to my account”.


For your first deposit, you must use the web version (not mobile iOS/Android app) of BookAnyone to deposit your earnings. For future deposits, you may use the mobile app if you want to.

Updated on June 17, 2020

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