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As a tutor, how do I prepare for my first online lesson?

First, familiarize yourself with our Remote Tutoring Tool. There’s also a 5 minute demo available here: https://wb.bookanyone.com/demo.

Try some of the features such as uploading a document (such as a .doc or .pdf), making sure your webcam/microphone is functioning, and drawing on the whiteboard.

The first thing you should do is make sure you are prepared to tutor. If the student hasn’t provided any information, message them and ask what they are working on.

It’s important to leave a good impression in your first lesson, so make sure to put in some effort! This may include creating a lesson plan, or having material ready to work on with your student.

We recommend going to the BookAnyone Remote Tool 5-10 minutes before your tutoring session begins, and doing the following:

  • Find a quiet area with no distractions
  • Make sure you’re on a desktop or (plugged in) laptop computer (ideally with Google Chrome)
  • Test your webcam and microphone
  • Wear headphones to reduce echo
  • Have your graphics tablet ready, if you have one, to make writing/drawing easier. We recommend Wacom or Huion tablets, both of which are compatible with the Remote Tool.

After the lesson is complete, you and the student may want to save the material on the whiteboard. You can do so by clicking ‘save’ button along the top. It will export the current whiteboard as a pdf document that you can refer back to for future sessions.

For additional steps after your session, check out our Help Center article on “What to do after finishing a booking“.

Updated on November 2, 2019

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