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Sharing files between Students and Tutors

When a booking is made on BookAnyone, a remote tool link is generated once the booking is accepted. It is immediately active, and can be used to share files, for example for proofreading.

You can access this link by tapping on the computer monitor icon next to the associated booking.

For Tutors, this is located in the Jobs section of “My Panel”.

For Students, it’s located in the Bookings I’ve Made section of “My Panel”.

It will also be linked in the Booking Details section, and your email correspondences.


The Remote Tool link opens once a booking is confirmed, and will close 100 hours after your scheduled session.

Uploading Files

To upload files to the whiteboard for sharing, click on the “File Store” button in the top right.

After that, click on the “upload” button and choose a file to upload.

Downloading files that were uploaded

To download files that were previously uploaded, click the “File Store” button in the top right.

Next, choose the document you wish to download, and click the download button.


There may be other image files that correspond to each page of the document. You can safely ignore these if you wish.


If you are having trouble downloading files from the filestore, try using Firefox to download the file. Chrome can occasionally have issues with larger files.

Updated on December 15, 2019

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