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What tips are there to be successful as a Service Provider?

As a Service Provider your profile showcases who you are to potential clients. Use the general description give them a little more information, such as your education, experience, and more about you. It’s also important to include at least one profile picture of yourself!


To be successful, always follow these tips:

  1. Detailed general description and service descriptions
  2. In addition to a profile picture, also have relevant pictures for each of your services.
  3. Always keep your availability up-to-date.
  4. Respond faster so you won’t lose any new clients.
  5. Use your network to promote yourself (bookanyone/yourpage). The more bookings you have, the higher you will be in our search results on BookAnyone.
  6. Encourage more reviews and rating from your clients.

If you are a Tutor on BookAnyone, we have more suggestions here

Avoid talking about what services you offer in your profile’s General Description. You’ll have a chance to talk about each individual service you offer when you fill those out.

Do’s and Don’ts:


  • Fill out your profile, services, and availability.
  • Make your descriptions detailed, but not too wordy.
  • Include one or more pictures in your profile.
  • Ensure your profile is set to “visable”, and you have at least one service set to “visable”.
  • If uncertain about your schedule, turn off auto-accept on your services and approve bookings as they come in.
  • Keep your availability up to date if it runs out.


  • List the services you offer in your profile’s General Description.
  • Set an estimated time on your services that’s longer than any of your available time slots.
  • Set your profile image to be something other than yourself (e.g. a logo, a pet, a tree, etc).
  • Set your services to auto-accept if you’re not regularly checking your email and SMS notifications, or are unsure about your schedule.
  • Create a new profile to offer different services. Instead, use a single profile to offer all of your services!
  • Set your location to a different place than you plan on performing your services
Updated on November 2, 2019

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